What are the rental formalities?
The renter is expected to present the passport, a valid license (local or international) as well as the credit card.
If the payment is done online, the same credit card used for the online booking, should be presented.
If it is a prepaid booking, the car rental voucher should be presented.
An amount representing the excess of Rs 17,250 and refueling will be freezed for the length of the rental. Upon collection, the bank will release the authorization code within 10-15 bank working days if no accident/ damage has occurred and the refueling done,.

How can I include any additional service?
At the time of delivery, any additional service can be added on the rental agreement and payment will be done on the spot.

How do I return the vehicle?
The key should be handed over to the Hertz agent. A thorough verification of the vehicle is done in the presence of both the renter and the agent. The rental agreement is then closed and the payment effected on the spot.
If the renter does not meet the agent, the key should be sealed in the envelop which has been given upon delivery date and deposited at the hotel reception.

Where will I find the Hertz counter once I land in Mauritius?
The Hertz counter is found in the building which is found outside the arrival lounge, on the left.

What happens if my flight is delayed?
If you have communicated your flight details for the delivery to be done at the airport, we will be informed of the delay and our agent will wait for your arrival at the Hertz counter.
If the delivery is in a hotel and you have more than 1 hour delay, you can call the Hertz office. Failing to do so, we will reallocate your vehicle and you will be charged a no show fee representing one day rental.

How can I contact Hertz if I am a hotel resident or residing in a private house?
You can contact us on our Toll Free number – 8002333

What happens if I return the vehicle late?

As the rental is on a 24 hour basis, an additional day will be claimed if the returned time is later than the time of delivery.

What happens if I return the vehicle before the given date?
No penalty fee is applicable. However, there may be a difference in the rate applied, depending on the number of days hired.

What do I do if I want to extend my rental?
Upon delivery of the vehicle, a contact telephone number has been communicated to you. You should contact the Hertz office and inform them of the new collection date, time and location place. Also be advised that any changes to the rental agreement can result in a rate change.

What happens if I do not refuel the vehicle?
10% surcharge will be claimed over the chargeable amount.

What must I do in case of an accident or damage caused to the vehicle?
The statement of fact, which is found in the glove box, should be filled in by both parties. You should then contact Hertz by using the phone number written on the rental agreement. An appointment will be taken so that our agent meets you to fill in the Insurance Claim form. If applicable, an exchange of car will also be done.
In case of injuries, please contact our office and an agent will be sent to you for assistance.

I have a discount card which allows me to earn miles when renting with Hertz. How can I get my account be credited with the mileage?
As Mauritius is a Hertz franchisee, we have no direct link with Air France to record the mileage through your card. However, you will receive a copy of the closed rental agreement which you can present at the agency in your country so that the mileage is credited to your account.